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Most standard automobiles these days all have multiple adjustment designs on their drive seat, steering wheel and rear mirrors to suit for different heights of  driver’s needs for seeking their most comfort. With the same concept, we come up with a new Giatex “FIT” Series bikes, which can be practiced on all sizes of different types of bikes as well.


Bicycle sold on the market are available in different wheel sizes, and the framesets of these bikes are fixed and not adjustable. However, everyone comes in different “height”, “leg length” and “arm length”. People’s purposes of riding are also different. Therefore, it is unreasonable to sell fixed-frameset bicycles to all the different bike riders. “Adjusting the height of the saddle only” can’t really solve the problem. Choosing a bicycle is like selecting clothes and shoes. It needs to be comfortable and fit. If the frame is in the wrong size, the rider will be forced to ride in an inappropriate posture, which will lead to muscle soreness and spasms. This in turn causes people to be reluctant to ride bicycles.

As children grow and develop, their bikes need to be replaced again and again, resulting in the increase of expenditure and the burden of the environment. Especially for children 135cm-150cm tall, neither the child bikes or the adult ones fit them. GIATEX FIT stretchable design provides the best solution that allows children to adjust the length of the bike frame gradually with their growth, and help them maintain a proper riding posture. Therefore, Giatex FIT extend children bike life time to reduce waste of resources and environmental pollution to achieve ESG sustainable environment target.

Our Solution

GIATEX FIX, can solve these problems by perfecting the user’s ergonomics and riding style through the use of patented innovative and adjusting system. By adjusting our special designed sliding frame tube on Giatex ‘FIT’, the rider can change the wheel base, the level distance between the seat tube and the head tube as well as the angles of the front fork and the seat tube to seek for a new geometry to suit for his/her height so that a child or an adult can equally enjoy a smooth, comfortable and fun biking ride.

A good riding posture reduces stress on the back, knees, arms and tension resulted from other contact forms. GIATEX FIT’s adjustable frame, with perfect geometry, induces maximum riding performance. The rider can be completely relaxed either riding leisurely or long-distance. Technology comes from humanity. Customized for you! GIATEX FIT ensures a comfortable biking experience.  


Giatex FIT has passed the safety test of ISO 4210-6, and has own world patent in Taiwan / China / Japan / USA / EU.


Giatex FIT offers a complete size selection, including 12”/16”/ 20”/24”/26”/ 700C. There is a GIATEX FIT available for every stage of your life to meet all your needs.

It’s the world first & globally unique Innovative Creation on bicycle!


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