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Stretching it for riding, shrink it for storage.  Our Giatex are designed for leisure and ultimate portability. They will fit into the trunk of your car, the cargo hold of an RV, a boat or small aircraft, and can even be carried onto buses/trains/subways. This bicycle is light and easy to compress, in fact two of our Giatex 26” bikes will fit into a Smart Car, they are that compact — full size to portable in seconds with NO tools.

No more heavy lifting onto your bicycle rack. The bikes can be easily carried allowing you to expand your riding range to anywhere public transport can take you.

Great for the whole family : When purchased for your children the bicycle grows with them eliminating the need for costly replacements.  It’s one size fit all. The Giatex unisex is designed to fit your whole family in one automobile, with 4 GIATEX big bikes in the trunk you can enjoying family trips and everyone has his or her own bike. 

Safety : When compared with regular bikes, GIATEX is built for safety and stability. If the rider is extra heavy the frame of the bike becomes even more stable due to additional weigh applied to the primary frame joint. The Giatex frame is always solid with NO energy loss while riding.

Easy to store : When compacted, the bike can be stored away in its own padded carry bag ready for your next cycling adventure! Compactness makes the Giatex ideal for the condo/apartment/dorm dweller where storage, elevators, stairs and narrow hallways are an issue. 

We use only high quality components and materials that are guaranteed to provide you with years of enjoyment. It unique design and sporty good looks will turn heads where ever you ride.


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Giatex are high performance portable bikes with ultra safety for commuter, fitting your life style.